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Living in an apartment is all fun and games until you realize the neighbors upstairs are heavy walkers. Noise complaints in an apartment complex are difficult to deal with, mainly because there is very little that can be done to address the issue. The chances are that your neighbors upstairs aren’t involved in late-night tap-dancing contests, and it’s unlikely that your neighbors are actually blasting their TV with oversized speakers. Even the most well-insulated apartment complexes are subject to noise issues, and complaining to your property manager is not going to get you much more than a bit of empathy. However, there are ways that you can insulate your apartment to make your home less subject to the intruding noise of your neighbors.

Here are a few strategies that can help you reduce unwanted noise in your apartment:

  • Pad the floors. Using throw rugs and carpeting where possible can make a huge difference in insulating some of the noise in your apartment.
  • Use tapestries and drapes. Just as rugs will help to alleviate some of the noise and echoes from the flooring, using plenty of textiles on the walls will help to reduce environmental noise.
  • Position furniture strategically. Lining shared walls with your couch can help to reduce the impact of noise from that shared space.
  • Use white noise machines. Investing in a white noise machine or making a habit of having light music playing in the background as you go about your business can help to block out unwanted noise as well.
  • Turn on the ceiling fan. Using a ceiling fan can help to reduce the amount of noise you hear from upstairs neighbors.

Dealing with unwanted noise from your neighbors is frustrating, and unfortunately, it is a common reality for so many who live in apartments. While there are certain situations in which unthoughtful neighbors will make a bit too much noise, chances are that you can significantly reduce your risk of feeling bothered by these unwanted noises by making simple changes. By being strategic with your design choices and utilizing technology in smart yet considerate ways, you can reduce the amount of noise pollution impacting your home — and perhaps even feel a little bit more friendly toward your neighbors. 

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