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Five Uses for a Lazy Susan

Did you get a Lazy Susan as an apartment warming present? This compact spinning kitchen organizer has been popular for generations. However, it can be used for a lot more than just organizing condiments and spices in the kitchen. A Lazy Susan may be used in just about any room in your apartment. Here are…

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Top Things to Do on a Staycation

Tourist traffic and airport layovers may not sound like a relaxing way to spend your vacation. If that’s the case, we hope our Belden-Stratford residents in Chicago, Illinois, enjoy these staycation suggestions. Unplug Your Life Time away from the hustle, bustle, and stress of work is bound to follow you if bosses and coworkers believe…

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5 Closet Hacks You Have to Try

Are you looking for unusual ways to organize your Chicago, IL apartments closets? Try one or more of these five clever closet hacks to keep your clothes and accessories neat and tidy. Double Closet Rod Double the space in your closet by hanging a double closet rod. This is just a rod that extends from long arms down…

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